The “Lawn & Landscape” Guarantee

Want Me To Explain Errand And Task Labor LLC’s “Lawn & Landscape” Guarantee?

You deserve to be wowed with exceptional service that is backed by one of the most powerful and solid guarantees in Colorado.

Errand and Task Labor LLC is a Lifestyle Management Concierge with a solution to your landscaping and grounds maintenance needs.

Our Service Guarantee: Get exceptional service, or I’ll make fix it, if I can’t fix it I’ll pay a competitor of your choice, to fix the flaw!


About Errand and Task Labor LLC

Unusually Good Lawn & Landscape Service.

Errand and Task Labor LLC has been looking for ways to be ‘different’ since day one.

Before I had a reputation for great customer service and excellent quality I had to find a way to convince potential clients to give the service a try.

So I started one of the first Concierge Service companies (that I know of) to Guarantee Lawn Care and Landscapes. And not just any guarantee… anyone can say satisfaction guaranteed. I got specific, put it in writing, posted it on the website and made the guarantee bold.

Seriously, name another company that Guarantees in writing your complete satisfaction with every service call. And if anything about that service call disappoints you the company will immediately fix the issue at their expense without argument, complaint or excuse. And if after attempting to fix your concern you were still dissatisfied, they would, without argument, pay another company of your choice to fix your concern.

Hard to imagine?

Well that’s Errand And Task Labor LLC. That’s the Guarantee.

Crazy as it sounds, I’m still one of the few to actually answer or return the phone calls live every time our clients call. I actually get out of the office and out of the vehicle to work with the vendors and team. I discuss safety. Communication. I do not hire new employees, hand them the keys, and hope they drive safely and trim your shrubs correctly.

No. I re-train every new hire to standards. And the standards are tough. Many a new hire doesn’t last more than a week with the company. Only the really good ones.

When I started Errand and Task Labor LLC, all I knew to do was to take unusually good care of clients.
A great many clients have sent us handwritten notes of appreciation. Many frequently email quick notes of thanks.
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