how far does my dollar go in landscaping?

Here’s some budget information to show on how much your dollar will get you when you start a landscaping prooject. These are just budget guidelines but they give a good idea about what something should cost.

$ 1000 – 1500 get a start on yard cleanup replacing dying shrubs or patching a portion of the lawn. Eyesore type issues and chores.

Shaded sunny type grass

1500-2500 address Drainage issues. This is the most important in conjunction with aesthetics when it comes to home care because erosion could easily destroy a home’s integrity and value.

Do you have downspouts pouring water at the foundation

Do you have soggy wet areas

Do you have erosion

Do you have undercutting edges around patios and retaining walls

Are your side-yards draining excessively

Do you have a sunny grass weakened in the shade that now has draining excess water killing it off?

Another 500-1000 put pipes on downspouts

2000-2500 you’ll get to refresh the yard a little bit and address the most obvious drainage problems.

Surface drain basin to drain 20-30 ft away from it

3000-4500 water features

When you get to the 5000 budget number.

4000-6000 That’s when you’ll have your first opportunity to start considering some revitalization projects. Things like a more complex or in-depth and complex planting plan, extend curb appeal to wrap around the back to the entertaining areas you use most often like backyard and side yards. You could also start exploring some smaller patio options (perhaps a 10x12patio from interlocking pavers, get into the wish list of projects.


This is when you could start to include outdoor living space type of areas, address major drainage issues, larger more expansive patio, fire pit, small retaining wall, small knee wall,

Deck work.


Nice expansive outdoor living projects, deck work, standard builder decks that come across the back of the house modified for more room, lv landscape lighting (top brands: vista, volt), irrigation, sitting walls, fire pits, patios, paver patios, stone patios, stack stone walls, precast decorative retaining walls, new sod, new lawns, design services, new plant materials

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